Level 2 Electrical

We are authorized and accredited to install and connect aerial and underground electrical services.

Active Electrical is a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider that services Endeavour Energy.

We have the licenses, knowledge and training to install and connect aerial and underground services, complete 3 phase upgrades, install private poles, rectify identified defects, complete disconnections and reconnections and much more.

With annual refresher training, you can be assured our level 2 electricians are up to date with all accreditations and rule changes. We have access to the latest information regarding wiring rules, the testing of connections to low voltage electrical networks, working safely near live electrical apparatus and providing first aid in an ESI environment (such as performing pole top rescues, EWP rescues, Rescues from live lv panels and EWP controlled decent device escapes.

Whether you are building a house or developing a housing project or apartment block, you will require vital overhead or underground services connected directly to the electricity network.

We have the licenses and expertise to help. You may even need for commercial office or unit moves where there is a large and complicated switchboard, or for retail kiosk connections where you need to connect into underground services to provide power to the kiosk. Whichever the need, we are the professionals you need to trust to do the job right.

What we can do

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